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Clinical Therapy Team

Jennifer Falbo-Negron, LCPC, RYT-500, CHT, SEP in training


Jennifer has been working in psychology for 20 years with children, adolescents, and adults. She currently works as a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC), registered yoga teacher (RYT-500), certified hypnotherapist, and is in training for Somatic Experiencing trauma-based therapy. Other experiences include nationally certified school psychologist, college-level psychology instructor, neuropsychometrist, and research assistant.

Jennifer utilizes mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral approaches (ACT/ DBT), integrative therapies (Somatic Experiencing, Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, gestalt and expressive arts, etc.), and other body-based therapies to affect personal growth in her clients. Her interests are in how these different integrative therapies along with yoga, meditation, affirmations, and positive psychology techniques can assist clients in overcoming anxiety, depression, trauma, and other psychological conflicts. She enjoys lecturing in the community to discuss these topics and the subsequent beneficial effects on the mind, body, and spirit.

Further interests are in Ayurveda-the sister science to yoga for overall better health; essential oils and self-applied acupressure's impact on mood, addictions, and sleep; and mindfulness and intention in our daily routines.

Jennifer attended formal education at Valparaiso University for a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Roosevelt University for a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology, and National-Louis University for an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology. She also has additional education at the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center's (HYMC) Yoga Alliance-Approved 200 and 500 (now known as 300) hour teacher training programs, Wellness Institute's Hypnotherapy training program, Studio Samadhi's Reiki training (Level II healer), and is currently training in Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing trauma-based program and Diane Poole-Heller's Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience program.

Jennifer offers the following services for clients ages 8 years and older:

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 Career Development with Resume & Interviewing Skills

Hugo Valentin Negron, M.A., M.A., PHR


Hugo has had over 15 years of Human Resources experience as a senior recruiter and consultant.  He has mentored and coached job applicants, employees as well as managers over the years with regards to resume and interviewing techniques.  Other experiences include instructing resume development and interviewing techniques classes for the Township High School District 211’s Continuing Education Program and volunteering a resume workshop for the Hanover Township’s Youth and Family Service Department in Hanover Park, IL.

Hugo utilizes cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approaches to his coaching and career counseling with his clients.  His interests are in helping clients discover their best career choices and opportunities, how to best represent themselves, and with overall life coaching.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Olivet Nazarene University, and both a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from Roosevelt University and a Master of Arts Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Hugo has also achieved PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification.

Hugo offers the following services:

Resumes & Interviewing Skills

630-526-4325 x2

What People Are Saying About Us

Jennifer is an insightful person with an easy-going nature that immediately puts you at ease, allowing you to put your trust in her to help you work through your issues. Jennifer will push you to the limit you can handle, and there are lots of 'Aha!' moments during discussions. I'd highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking a therapist!

~Stephanie S.

Dear Hugo Negron,

Thank you for providing valuable insight into the job hiring process at the Resume and Interviewing class. While attending the Resume and Interviewing course that you taught, I was impressed with several parts of the class. First, was the level of comfort I had with your teaching style. It was very easy to ask questions and get quality answers based on your experience in human resources. I felt that you had a genuine interest in the success of us as your students. I like how you took time to coach us and provide feedback on both strengths and areas for improvement. Also, I found it helpful to look over examples of resumes to distinguish between effective and ineffective resume writing. Thanks for providing valuable insights into the hiring process with your class.

Regards, David Willeumier

Before coming to Mr. Negron's Resume Development class, I barely knew how to interview properly or even how to write a proper resume and cover letter, but now I feel more confident in getting a job.

~Phylicia Bozzi

     In a little more than an hour, Jennifer Falbo-Negron gently and knowledgeably led me and other participants in her Guided Imagery/ Creative Visualization workshop toward a quiet place within ourselves where we silently asked for answers to our personal concerns. I didn't expect to leave a problematic situation behind me as a result of the process. It lifted a great weight from my shoulders. The answer was within me.

    I've followed the path to the quiet place where self-truth is illuminated many times since Jennifer's workshop.

Alice Johnson Refvik

Business and Creative Writer

About Our Logo

Our logo is the Phoenix, a mythical symbol of resurrection and rebirth. The Phoenix was believed to die in its own self-made flames every few hundred years or so, and then rise from its ashes to live again. Here at Phoenix Rising Solutions LLC, we hope to affect positive change in you through your own personal “rebirth.”