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Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy Services

Jennifer Falbo-Negron, LCPC, RYT-500, CHT, SEP in training

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor-Illinois

Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Hypnotherapist

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training

Office Location is at 2205 Point Blvd, Suite 125, Elgin, IL 60123

(Near the Intersection of I-90 and Randall Rd)

Phoenix Rising Solutions offers guided imagery and hypnotherapy for all sorts of conditions and goals. Jennifer is a certified hypnotherapist (CHT) through the Wellness Institute. She has worked with many different clients looking for hypnotherapy as a stand alone treatment or for additional assistance during the course of psychotherapy. Your healing can be made using a guided imagery/Ericksonian (script-based) approach and/or age regression model.

In either approach, you would be put into a very relaxed state so that your subconscious mind, where all of your habits are stored, can be accessed and new wonderful, uplifting, positive suggestions can be applied to help you reach your goals. Guided imagery/Ericksonian style is more scripted and delivered by the therapist directly to the client; this method can be tailored with specific key words from the client. Whereas, age regression is more client-driven in terms of the material that comes forth during the session while the therapist asks questions and provides support and guidance. Whichever method you choose, you will end up with healthier ways of processing your concern and how to go about getting the results you want.

Here is a sampling of conditions or goals for guided imagery/hypnotherapy:



Body Image


Chronic Pain





Immune System Response


Letting Go of Past Relationships

Medical Issues

Midlife Crisis



Performance Anxiety


Public Speaking

Relationships (enhancing them)

Relaxation during Medical Procedures


Self-hypnosis (learning to get yourself into relaxed and receptive state)

Sexual Problems

Smoking Cessation Program

Sports Enhancement

Success in Work & School


Weight Management Program

*With abuse and trauma, having a very grounded practice and establishing a safe place is essential before embarking in hypnotherapy. See my Somatic Experiencing page (coming soon) for another tool for establishing safety and a centered-ness in a more body-oriented way. Both guided imagery/hypnotherapy and Somatic Experiencing can be used together to have a synergistic effect. However, both are suitable on their own as well for your unique needs.

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