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Phoenix Rising Solutions, LLC

To Educate, Empower, & Enlighten

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We are working to fix, modify, and add more links.

Free Resources Library

to learn more about yoga, psychology, etc.

These are for educational purposes only and not to be construed as 

medical or mental health advice.

Yoga & Wellness

(pdf articles with permission from Yoga Alliance)

Association Links:

Himalayan Institute (Honesdale, PA) is one of the headquarters for this school of yoga practice. This website has several great articles.

Himayalan Yoga and Meditation Center (IL) is a local center devoted to traditional yoga and meditation, featuring other yoga types, teacher training, and workshops.

The Meditation Center is an affiliate center for Himalayan Yoga and Meditation (Minneapolis/St Paul, MN). There are a lot of great offerings from meditation, hatha yoga, tai chi, silence retreats, and more.

Yoga Alliance is an international organization, which sets standards for yoga teacher training programs.

Assorted Psychology/Mental Health Links